Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cruise Insurance: Compare! As You Often Get What You Pay For.

Travel Insurance! Can You Afford Not To Have It?

For almost everyone Travel Insurance is left to the last minute. Having to cancel that much awaited dream cruise or having any sort of trouble would be the last thing people will have on their mind.

You need to make sure you compare your Cruise Insurance or Travel Insurance policies to ensure you are getting the cover you actually need during your cruise. The main problem you will encounter with your Cruise Insurance is when you try to economize. The fact of the matter is in almost all cases you actually get what you pay for. As always, it’s "buyer beware"!

When purchasing Cruise Insurance as with any Travel Insurance there are so many variables we become somewhat complacent. Make sure you are well aware what is in your Cruise Insurance or Travel Insurance policy and that you are covered for everything that you want. Once again "Buyer Beware!"

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cruise Insurance: 5 Reasons Why You Need It.

Travel Insurance: 5 Reasons Why You Need It.

#1 Medical Emergency: Your onboard doctor is there to provide basic medication and medical attention. That will be about it what he or she can do. If you have a much more serious problem and need to be evacuated to the nearest hospital when you arein the middle of the ocean this can only be accomplished by helicopter. Leaving you with a bill of maybe thousands of dollars.

#2 Disrupted by bad weather: If it rains a little or have slightly rough seas your cruise insurance won't offer you any compensation. On the other hand if the weather severely disrupts your journey, you can claim compensation through your cruise travel insurance.

#3 Victim of theft: While on board a cruise ship most people often assume they will be safe from crime. Petty theft can be as much a problem on board the cruise ship as anywhere else. When ever possible use the ships safe to keep your valuables in.

#4 You have to cancel your holiday: Prior to your departure you may have been involved in an accident. Other circumstances could be a relative falls ill, called up for jury service or maybe made redundant any of these cases and more show how critical it is to have Cruise Insurance. If you don't have insurance then you will be left to foot the bill.

#5: Taking part in extra activities: As part of your cruise you may be given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities such as rock climbing, scuba diving etc. If you decide you are going to take part in any of these potentially hazardous activities make sure your Cruise Insurance policy will cover you should anything go wrong.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cruise Safety.

Travel Insurance Is Still A Necessity !

To most people on holiday a cruise ship may seem like one of the safest ways to travel so why bother with Travel Insurance or Cruise Insurance. I mean what can happen? There you are on this huge purpose built liner for people to enjoy their holiday surrounded only by fellow holidaymakers. This is where the average person makes a grave mistake. There are lots of things that can happen.

If you were to have a medical emergency for instance and needed to be evacuated ashore this bill alone would run into thousands of dollars. This could mean the difference life and death and therefore this is why Cruise Insurance is critical to have.

Knowing you have this cover then enables you to sit back and enjoy every minute of perhaps your once in a life time dream of having that perfect cruise. Mishaps can't always be avoided even when on a cruises.Make sure that you have adequate Travel Insurance or Cruise Insurance.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Cruise Insurance Can Be A Life Line.

Travel Insurance : If your cruise of a life is fast approaching and that departure date only seems weeks away it may now be the ideal time to take out that all ever critical Cruise Insurance policy. A cruise can offer a trip of a lifetime. What would happen though if you were involved in an accident became sick or had a loss of a personnel belonging. If anyone of those three scenarios were to happen it is critical be have adequate Cruise Insurance cover in place. IF you were to have an emergency evacuation that alone could run you up a bill of thousands of dollars.

Cruise Insurance or Travel Insurance can offer protection for sudden illness, medical emergency, or as a result of bad weather cancellation of the cruise. If your baggage is delayed or you missed an connection or any other eventualities that might occur on a trip abroad you will also be covered.

If you intend on kicking back and enjoying all of the activities that a cruise can offer then Cruise Insurance would be a very wise choice. You can now relax and enjoy your much waited for holiday knowing that you have protection if anything should happen.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cruise Insurance

Travel Insurance: Just about everyone asks themselves do i really need travel insurance? The next question is what kind of cruise insurance will i be needing. There are two kinds of travel insurance, primary and secondary. Primary insurance covers you for the cost of all your claims while secondary only covers you after your own private have paid some of the costs.

With a primary Cruise Insurance policy you are paid outright either for your loss or accident or both. With secondary cruise insurance policy the first thing that happens is your bills are first paid for either by your homeowners insurance for a loss or your medical insurance after an accident. If you were unfortunate enough to have both an accident and a loss then it would be from both insurance policies. Once this has been all sorted out you then need to send your receipts to your cruise insurance company who will then pay any out of pocket expenses. There is a whole lot of paper work that needs to be taken care of to make sure you receive what you are entitled to.